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Claim Requirement FAQs

What is a Customer Number?

A Customer Number is a reference number given to a contractor or end user on a troubleshooting call. When a contractor calls in to Technical Support and troubleshoots a unit, a Customer Number is created, which links the unit to the jobsite or physical address.

Is a Customer Number required to file a claim?
A Customer Number is not required to file a claim on Home Comfort Claims.
What is an Incident (INC) Number?

An Incident Number (INC) is an authorization tied to a Customer Number when Bosch approves a whole unit replacement or labor in excess of standard allowances. Incident Numbers are awarded by the Technical Service department after troubleshooting a product.


Is an Incident (INC) Number required to file a claim?

An Incident Number is required for the following types of claims:

- Whole unit replacements*

- Labor that exceeds standard allowances

- Multiple part claims

*Does not include Indirect Tanks, Bosch Cased Coils, BCC Controls, or leaking Cast Iron Boilers.