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Product Registration FAQ

How do I register a product?

Step 1: Go to and sign into your account

Step 2: Select your dashboard

Step 3: At the bottom of your dashboard you will see a button called “product registration” select it



Product Registration Troubleshooting

The serial # is already in use?

Please be sure to include the full 23 digit serial number. Please see the breakdown of the Bosch Serial Number coding below

If you can’t locate the serial number: Please use our Serial Number Guide to help you locate the serial number on the various products.

Tip: Trying to view all of your registrations? Under your dashboard you can view your product registrations and consumer registrations (registrations your customers have submitted)


Serial Number Format

Follows Bosch standard Serial Number Format
Serial Number Format


Manufacturing Date Decoder

Follows Bosch standard manufacturing date code

Manufacturing Date Decoder


Warranty Claims

If you are a contractor looking to submit a warranty claim, only Distributors and Bosch Reps can submit these. Please contact your local distributor or rep to file the claim.